I help to take the burden of running a business to allow you to get on with what you love to do most – design.

Whatever your needs the service is tailored to you.

I help with the design too. Designers think contractors do, so I can give contractor-style input in to the design, especially at the crucial early stages. I intimately know the design process; knowing when it is right to be creative and optioneering and when to get on with the deliverables.

You may just want to make a telephone call, exchange e mails or talk by video link, just to get another point of view. You may need advice regarding dealing with clients, lawyers, contractors or other outside organisations; I can be alongside you, or deal directly with them on your behalf. I am flexible and attentive to your needs.

Whatever your needs, great or small, please feel free to get in touch to see if I can be of help to you.                       

e charles@charlesrich.uk     T 020 8488 6747